# License

Plan Free Basic Pro
Price Free $5.99 / lifetime $35.99 / lifetime
Personal Use Yes Yes Yes
Commercial Use Yes Yes Yes
Templates All All All
Projects Unlimited 1
(A project = One domain + Subdomains + Apps)
Attribution Required

How to attribute (opens new window)
No No
License CC BY 4.0 (opens new window)
Licensed to (Project Name)

# Limitation

You can use proper licensed items freely except following cases:

# 1. Direct Resell

We prohibit a directly resell, or provide as free, of downloaded items from our service.

Selling your own work with downloaded items from BGJar is allowed if the items are not the main body of your work but to increase the value of your work. For example, use downloaded items in following purposes are allowed:

  • A presentation slide template
  • A website template.
  • Use to build websites, apps, videos, infographics, illustrations for your customers.
  • Print it on book, t-shirt or goods you are going to sell.

Following cases are not allowed:

  • directly giveaway or sell downloaded item(s).

If you are not sure, please contact us [email protected].

# 2. Build similar services

It's not allowed to use our items to build a website, app or any kind of service that serves for similar purpose of BGJar.